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Hmmmm...my username name says Mario, but my picture says Crash...where does that leave Sonic? If you hate sprites and any or a combination of the following: Mario, Sonic, Crash, or Naruto, don't come near my flashes. EVER. I mean it.

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Posted by masterkoopa1015 - March 21st, 2008

I have some bad news. I might--might--not be making songs anymore. I know that I have great songs and should have made a Drum N' Bass song, but I don't seem to have the time to think up and create a song anymore. I will be focusing more on flashes instead. Check my homepage for any updates on this matter.

Bad News

Posted by masterkoopa1015 - November 18th, 2007

Due to computer problems, the episode's release will be delayed by a few days if nessesary. That is all.

Posted by masterkoopa1015 - October 30th, 2007

For some reason, I feel like giving you guys a preview on the next episode of SMW Remix (the storyline is not yet offical, though).

While Mario is running toward Bowser's Castle for the final face-off, Bowser himself is preparing for Mario's arrival. He sends "the best men [he] could gather" all over the castle while Larry Koopa (or Kamek) leads his army of koopa troopas and shy guys toward Mario...or at least he tries to. Larry Koopa somehow "motivates" the army and they charge full power toward Mario. Mario tries to fight them, but he is greatly outnumbered. Then, all of a sudden, someone comes crashing through the army to Mario. What happens next is something you'll have to find out sometime near Thanksgiving :). Check out my homepage on Newgrounds for current updates/changes.

Posted by masterkoopa1015 - October 26th, 2007

Because of a reason--and also 'cause I'm lazy :)--The first episode of SMW Remix will be released some time around Halloween even though I started this 2 weeks ago. It's probaly better that I take my time, but I don't like to keep people waiting. Anyway, I'm working on it as much as I can.

Posted by masterkoopa1015 - October 1st, 2007

I am making lots of songs to put on Newgrounds which explains the delay. The upcoming releases so far are:
"Skyland Fanfare" *
"SMB2 Remix"
"DK Jungle Remix" *
"Doomsday" *
"Giga Bowser Strikes" *
I'm a busy man, as you can see, so just be patient.
* These songs are BIG projects.

I'm also starting to work on a flash series on Newgrounds called SMW Remix. Again, please be patient :)