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Entry #5

Bad News

2008-03-21 16:10:48 by masterkoopa1015

I have some bad news. I might--might--not be making songs anymore. I know that I have great songs and should have made a Drum N' Bass song, but I don't seem to have the time to think up and create a song anymore. I will be focusing more on flashes instead. Check my homepage for any updates on this matter.

Bad News


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2008-03-23 15:55:06

If you want sounds in your flash to time properly and not slowdown when u submit to newgrounds, when you add sounds you have to "Stream" the song

masterkoopa1015 responds:

Ok. I've always wondered what "Stream" was for.


2008-03-23 16:32:59

hmm... hope your songs are good cause this is not funny when you have made very good songs and you just stoppedd making it ;(

masterkoopa1015 responds:

I know, but that's life.


2008-04-16 18:59:24

Oh drat.


2008-07-22 19:45:55

wait... you got FL Studio working?

masterkoopa1015 responds: Only the one on my old laptop works, but it's still a pain in the ass since it's now my sister's laptop.


2008-08-07 15:32:43

Oh... well I might have figured out why it's not working... MIGHT, I'm not sure.


2008-09-07 14:44:49

hey ej its josh wats up

masterkoopa1015 responds:

Nothing much.