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Another successful Egoraptor movie

It was funny from start to finish.
"Hey, you bitch! I'm the stratagy guide! You can't mess with me!"
I give you 10 LOLs out of ten.
Graphics: 9
Story: 10
Sound: 9
Animation: 9
Creativity: 10
Comedy: 12
Overall: 59/60


It's not that bad, I guess. Could be better. :\

Some Truth in that Flash

You do have a point. The Kitty Krew just keeps putting useless crap on Newgrounds, and nobody does anything about it since apparently it passes judgement. As far as I know, we have two options as to what we can do about the KK:
A. MAKE them make non-crappy flashes, or
B. MAKE them leave Newgrounds, perminately (<<possible spelling error)
By the way, getting Underdog is an award you get for when your flash is the most controversial between Voted Score and Review Score, just to let you know.

LordZeebmork responds:


and how many times do I have to tell you people that this is actually a Kitty Krew movie and I was mocking the original posts?


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Very good quiz for Sonic fans. I got 83% on it C:
Graphics: 7
Gameplay: 8
Story: N/A
Sound: 8
Animation: N/A
Creativity: 10
Overall: 33/40 or 8.25 out of 10

Yoruichi responds:

thanks for the detailed review ^^

Awesome Improvement

There aren't many words that can discribe this sequel, except maybe these: awesome, fun, challenging, incredible, mind-bending, innovative, great, creative...I can go on and on. To think that out of all the crap (literally) that gets s***ted out, from lots of flash artists, that there would be dimonds in that humongus pile of s***. THIS is one of those dimonds, and one of the best games/sequels we've seen so far. Go ahead and take a vacation, 'cause we'll be playing this for a long time.
Graphics: 9
Story: 9
Sound: 8
Animation: 10
Creativity: 11 (You deserve the 11)
Overall: 47/50 or 9.4 out of 10
5/5 4.45/5.00 (+ 0.00018) 3,227th voter
P.S. Here's my level...one of them, anyway.
2211200Z92Z00Z00Z00Z00Z7332100Z00Z80Z 10Z2211200Z00Z00Z00Z00Z00Z12331123310 0Z5233110Z2211200ZAB00Z00ZAB00Z10Z221 1200ZAB00Z00Z00ZB0Z00Z10Z2211230411C0 053331ACZAAC0Z2211200ZB0ZAAAC00Z00Z22 112ACZAAAZ00Z10Z22112ACZB0ZACZ00Z00Z1 0Z2211230421C006312163121631216312163 121631216312100Z10Z2211200ZB0Z4333143 321433114333100Z63Z131127311222112131 125033100Z00Z00Z3333100Z00Z00Z0311210 Z221120342123421234212342123421234212 342123112231122211253112

This level will go great with the song "Rockslide Rumble" from Crash: Twinsanity.

Pong Recreated

I agree with Super-Da-Mario, this would be a huge hit. You've taken a classic game like Pong and tweaked it into you own creation. That's pure creativity, and when it comes to games, creativity helps very much. I like the idea of 4-way Pong over the classic head-to-head Pong. It also has some good graphics (simple, but good) and sound. There are just two minor things you might need to look over. The first thing is that the ball sometimes gets stuck. Next time, if there will be a next time for Pong Foursome, edit and test over and over to make sure that the programming doesn't have any blind spots. The second thing is the hard mode. It's not so much "hard", per se, more like "long". Aside from those things, this is one of the best remakes I've played so far. Keep it up! :)
Graphics: 8
Gameplay: 8
Story: N/A
Sound: 7
Animation: 6
Creativity: 9
Overall: 7.60
5/5 3.19/5.00 (+ 0.061) Your 225th voter

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The xylophone part is awesome! It really makes the whole song cool. I ought to use this in one of my future flashes. Maybe, when I start a video game company, I should hire you. :)

boney-man responds:




This is very good. Maybe I should make a Drum 'n Bass song. It'll go good with my collection of songs :)

boney-man responds:

Yes! Make a DnB!!


This is a great remix on Bowser. You should really make more remixes.

Gorekiller responds:

I'll do more for sure ! Go listen to my "Master Hand Metalized" song ! Thanks for your encouraging review :

Hmmmm...my username name says Mario, but my picture says Crash...where does that leave Sonic? If you hate sprites and any or a combination of the following: Mario, Sonic, Crash, or Naruto, don't come near my flashes. EVER. I mean it.

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